It’s not everyday you invest in a promotional video, and a common question we get asked is how much is a promotional video for our company? And the most unhelpful question back to you is how long is a piece of string…But we’re not going to say that, so, here are a few helpful pointers to help you know what to ask us and for us to be able to quote you accordingly.

Things to think about

  • How long do you want your video to be once finished?
  • Where do you want your video set?
  • What is the key subject of your video? I.e. one person, a crowd of people, a product?
  • Will you want multiple camera angles? For videos more than a couple of minutes long, giving the viewer multiple ‘things’ to look at can make the video more engaging
  • Will the video need to be filmed at multiple locations or over a period of time?
  • Will you want to include any photography
  • Do you have an example of a video similar to what you would like the final project to look like?
  • Will there be any speaking, either in the video or a voice over added on afterwards, or will you require music?

Photo on the set of a Soft-Focus productions film shoot in Warwickshire
Frequently asked questions

  1. Do I film this at your studio or my office?
    We can film anywhere! We have our own studio should you wish to just have a plain background, however any location, inside or out is fine.
  2. I want to introduce myself and show off a few techniques of my skills, how long will this take to film?
    It is best to allow half a day for a short video (2-3 minutes long), to ensure the job is not rushed and we have time to capture any new ideas you may think of during the filming.
  3. Do I need to get my own actors?
    We have contacts! prices will vary from person to person, so give us a description of the person(s) you would like in your video and we will quote you.
  4. Can you put the music to track1 on this CD I have?
    If the track is copyrighted, then you will need to seek permission from the record label the artist is signed to, regardless if the artist approves the decision. There is also loads of copyright free music online, you can let us know which piece you would like or give us as much description as possible and we will look for you.
  5. Can I add the video to my website/ social media platforms?
    Yes we will give you your video in a compatible format for this. We can also help with the setup of any social media if you require, just let us know before hand.
  6. When is best for you to film? 
    We are happy to film any day of the week, at any time. Think about when is best for you, i.e. if you want your video filmed where there will be members of the public, do you want it to be quiet or busy?
  7. We’re on a tight budget, can you do this for less?
    We know the true cost of the time and skill involved in our work, so if your budget doesn’t quite stretch as far as we quoted, let us know your limit and we will work with you to help compromise what we can do.
Understandably everyones video needs are different, so if you have any further questions, do send us a message or give us a call.


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