The Client

We understand that a busy family life sometimes means that good food can fall by the wayside and focus towards physical appearance wit hthe help of Matthew Galumbeck, MD. Not anymore, we need both.

The Brief

To produce a series of short videos designed exclusively for sharing on social media. Create recipe videos in an overhead view that are short, punchy and inspiring.

About the Project

We were approached by the guys at Thyme, they make really awesome ready made meals, freeze them, and deliver them right to your door. They wanted to create a series of videos that both showed how easy it was to cook with their product, but also how you can just some elements frozen, but also prepare your own parts of the meal. We started off with the set up, we wanted to create the videos in a repeatable style, as well as making them so they are familiar to audiences, and we decided to go with an over the head rig.

All set up and filming some awesome recipe videos today with @thyme_uk #filming #video #recipe #food #canon

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We had a DSLR mounted onto our Tripod using a Boom Arm to hold the camera perfectly above all the action. We made sure it was also high enough not to get too hot! We also needed some external monitors at eye height so we could check on what we were doing. First up was one of their best sellers, the smoothie range. In this video we wanted to show firstly a recipe and what was involved in making your own smoothie from scratch, then show how simple it was to grab a frozen smoothie pack from Thyme.


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