Recently I’ve found myself playing snap on social media! Two companies selling their own version of a product or service, whether it be a Sunday roast or a haircut and they’ve used the exact same image to promote their business, ahh!

Working within a company that sells a service of product photography, of course I am quite bias about using your own photo where possible and not stock images, however I’ve started spotting the same photos trying to lure me into a business, when I know that clearly isn’t the Sunday roast I’m going to receive if I went there, and there are probably a fair few other companies using it too!

Yes stock images can be inexpensive, but why not give drop us a message for a quote of some product photography! You might be pleasantly surprised! #scrapthestock

Is he an ‘important business man’ or an ‘understanding doctor?

Stock Image - Is he a businessman or a doctor? Stock Image - Is he a businessman or a doctor?

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