360 Video

Soft-Focus are proud to offer customers advanced 360 video, VR or Virtual Reality videos. 360 is a real game changer, now people have more ways than ever to view and interact with VR content from VR Headsets such as Oculus Rift or even Google Cardboard, to international companies like YouTube and Facebook offering native viewing right in their own websites meaning members of the public don’t need any special hardware to view.

Our in-house production team can work alongside you from concept to completion on your 360 video. We have been working within a 360 space for a number of years and plenty of experience knowing what will and what won’t work! The crazier your idea the more interesting a video we can create with you!

The 360 Video Technology

There are a number of ways in which we can create 360 videos for you. By far the best is using an array of up to 6 cameras all facing different ways, then we carefully stitch them all together in our editing suite. This gives you up to a 4K resolution meaning viewers will be able to pick up on the smallest details.

To view the video above make sure you open in the YouTube app on a smart phone or in Google Chome.

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