Why Soft-Focus 360?

Soft-Focus are happy to be able to offer our clients a new and exciting service a 360° Virtual Tour. These are great at showing people an immersive experience of your desired location. It means that they can see exactly what you have to offer in a stunning 360° environment.

Photo of Canon Google Street View 360 camera set up

Single Rooms Virtual Tours

If you have a single room that you want to be turned into a digital panoramic environment, then we have a cost effective package which includes 1 single room being captured, the photos edited and stitched together and then either a Self-Hosted deal, or you can even host on our severs! These single rooms can either be a stripped down simple interface offering an unobstructed view of your room. Or alternatively we can do some advanced interactive integration which can include include;
✓ Music ✓ Voice Overs ✓ Info Tool Tips ✓ Pictures ✓ Video

Full Interactive Tours

If you have more than 1 room you want captured we can take each room independently, then not only stitch each one into a panoramic image, but place all the different rooms/spaces into an integrated tour where your customers can go from room to room within the 360 environment. This is really special. If you have a floor plan or a drawing of the total area we are turning into the tour we can even add that as a small ‘Go-To’ map in the corner allowing users to jump quickly and effectively to the exact tour they want.

What makes this better than a standard 360°?

Our 360° Virtual Tours have a number of distinct advantages over many of the other companies out there offering this. Firstly we are giving our clients a complete package. From the first quote we can give you, to the photography, our in-house editing and publication. All of it is done by us! Which means you are dealing with one friendly small company, rather than being bounced around by a large faceless corporation out-sourcing every element.

Yes! Our tours are built using HTML5 with a flash ‘fallback’. This means it will automatically try and load using HTML5 which is supported by nearly all desktop internet browsers, mobile devises and tablets. If for what ever reason someone is trying to view it on a platform not supported, it will automatically load the Flash fallback which guarantees that it will work on almost any platform people use! What makes it really cool as well is that if viewed on an apple devise it will use the Gyroscopic Sensors built and and allow the users to turn their phone around to view your tour.

As standard we will send you the compete files that contain the tour or image itself. These will comprise of the HTML file that loads the panoramic, a folder with the scripts used, a folder of the images used and the Flash Fallback file. You can then upload these to your own website and link directly to them. If for what ever reason you don’t have access to do this, don’t have your own website or don’t know how, don’t worry! You can choose to have us host your files on our own server, and you have the option to link back to it or we can provide a short piece of HTML code to help you embed into your website. Our hosting is has a 99.9% up time.

This depends completely on how many different panoramic 360° images we are taking while on site. Taking the photos is normally the easy bit and takes roughly half an hour per room. Then we have to take the photos back into the edit suite and work our magic! We usually say up to 5 working days to complete a panoramic tour.

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